Friday, November 20, 2009

M is for Misnomer

So, someone was kind enough to bring the following link to my attention (thanks, Ms Judice), and I am kind of offended upon reading it:

I have always been fond of my name, always thought of it as appropriate for the clumsy, genuine me. But according to Jezebel, I am as follows: "...Michelle is stylish and classy — she's tall and cool and well-dressed and she wears really nice earrings. Her hair's usually in some kind of updo, and she knows how to pull off nude lipstick."

Now, those of you who know me recognize that I am none of those things, unless a ponytail can be considered a "kind of updo." That description seems positive, seems like a description of which I would be proud. But the article goes on to call us Michelles unapproachable, void of personality, and unknowable--all things that I fervently hope I am not. Elegant? I'd rather be everyday. Admired from afar? I'd rather be abused to my face.

The article insinuates that Michelles are neither warm nor homey, and, at least in my opinion of myself, I am both. Being unapproachable and unknownable is not something that I think I convey, and in that regard I am glad that I usually don't buy into these types of assessments. Nevertheless, I remain slightly offended by this.

Maybe I am colder than I think.